What our Customers say...


With new workplace procedures recently put in place, we want to start fresh with a professional deep cleaning of our entire office. We needed a company adhering to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards during this crisis. When it came down to it, SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield was our top choice, they had all the necessary certifications we were looking for. We couldn’t be any more gracious for all the cleaning they did to help keep our business going after a swift but firm inspection we had to go through. Thanks again!

After the COVID-19 crisis started, our family’s business was in peril knowing many shutdowns were about to occur. With a quick call to SERVPRO of Glastonbury, we had nothing to worry about. The state came in and barely spent an hour here, everything down to the last light switch was spotless!

Having a nearby case of the Coronavirus was scary. The state came in and a lot of businesses including where my sister works were shut down after inspection. We spoke to one of the businesses that got back up and running the next week wondering how they did it. SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield was their answer, and soon it was what saved my sister’s job, and company. Being proactive about the whole thing got her put onto the reduced staff roster, we’ll be spreading the word to everyone we can to help keep other businesses open as well. Thank you SERVPRO!

Our small business was disinfected, cleaned, and sanitized for the virus inspections right down to the last button on each computers’ keyboard. Thank you SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield!

We had a few employees that said they were feeling mildly sick, they decided to self-isolate before we were forced to reduce our staff. We called SERVPRO of Glastonbury immediately for their Bio-Hazard cleaning service. They Disinfected every last inch of our store with their team from the stock room to the lobby. We plan to count on them for as long as this continues.

It took forever trying to find a commercial cleaning service with the right licenses and certifications to have our store up to par for the state inspections in order to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank god for SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield. They saved the welfare of our store as well as the stability of the lives that work here. Again, thank you.

With everything going on, this COVID-19 has scared our large family to live under one roof again. The kids came home and their grandparents as well. To be extra safe we called in the professionals to do a deep cleaning of our house. SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield’s team came soon after we called and happily helped all of us in this time of need. God bless you all.

After the announcement that schools were opening back up, we were delighted but also nervous about how to handle cleaning our entire daycare, or how to ensure parents that our facilities were going to stay clean. We did not want to go through our own stock of cleaning supplies, we didn’t know where to turn. So we called SERVPRO of Glastonbury We now have a freshly sanitized and deeply cleaned facility and can confidently move forward ensuring parents that their children will be safe.

God bless America, and god bless SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield! I am a veteran and couldn’t be more grateful for this professional cleaning service. My house is clean now and I can keep myself stocked and safe. Thanks again!

This Coronavirus is almost impossible to survive in the city area with everyone cleaning out the stores for their own stock. Now you have to know exactly when products are coming off of the trucks for delivery at stores now just to be able to get one or two packages of toilet paper or paper towels! And at the same time, you’re putting yourself at risk going out to go get those things. I called SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield. They saved me in a time of need with the small business that I run out of the bottom half of my house, things have obviously slowed down but at least I can continue my practice. Thank you!

The mold that I found around and under an old kitchen sink light didn’t look like anything serious, and I let it go for a little while. But when I finally had the extra funds to get it taken care of, I called SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield. What was around the light was only the tip of the iceberg, under the light fixture it was even worse, and Brandy couldn’t have been more kind, understanding and informative about the dangers the mold could have led to. Thank you so much!

We could not believe the amount of mold that was hiding under our floors when we finally decided to replace them! We couldn’t thank SERVPRO enough for the remediation service they provided to us along with some background facts as well.

SERVPRO was the first company to arrive and tend to our moisture problem. They were one of the companies that our insurance recommended at the top of their list. We are grateful for their recommendation of SERVPRO! They were extremely professional, very educated in the step by step process that occurs, attentive, and polite.

We had the pleasure of working with SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield when we experienced a water loss at our place of business. They were instrumental in expediting our return to normal business and worked closely with us. It was truly a great experience during a very difficult time. 

My water damage came from the massive storms that rolled through Southern Connecticut, my roof had a leak, but I was unaware of it until there was standing water in my home. SERVPRO was able to come out immediately and help assess the damage done. I was thrilled with the process AND the end result. 

The team at SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield met and went above my expectations of a restoration company when a water pipe burst. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and had a great vibe about them. I felt at ease working with SERVPRO and will be recommending them in the future. 

While away on vacation at Bermuda Beach our ceiling had a leak that we were unaware of and some rain came through, started leaking, and flooded our entire second story. Our older children were checking on the house after the storm and made the call to SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield. They were out the same day and the drying process began. Everything was under control and we stayed on vacation. They put everything back where they found it for us and it was “Like it never even happened.”.

The water damage disaster I recently experienced must’ve been my lowest point but this team was the very definition of what professionalism is supposed to be, if not more. They were meticulous and did not leave a single stone un-turned, they were knowledgeable and did their jobs while respecting me, my time and space, and the property itself. They treated me as more than just a client and inspired me to keep pushing forward. 

Our basement became flooded from our backyard not having any way to drain all the water from the rain and our sprinkler systems malfunctioning as well. Our adult children are actually the ones that called SERVPRO and I'm glad they did. The whole team was a joy to work with and I'm glad they were there in a hurry but handled the situation professionally. 

I want to commend SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield on their excellent service and attention to detail when they cleaned our animal enclosures. There was an explosion next door and we were unable to access our building for days. SERVPRO decontaminated all areas of our building. They really showed a great concern for us and our animals.

I had a flooding emergency, when I made the very first call to SERVPRO they were compassionate, informative and dependable. It is in the times of emergency you need someone to help keep you calm, and Mayra was that person for me.  Dustin followed up with the same care and concern. They treated me like I mattered.  Companies that value people should be rewarded and I have never had this good of an experience with any other company where customer service is one of their upmost important qualities.

Even the smallest fires during the holiday season can be the biggest inconvenience with smoke damage. It was going to be the first year we had the holidays with our family in our new house. I could not have imagined how getting my fire and smoke damage repaired so quick and easily could be! Thank You!

Thank you very much for your work. Your team did an excellent job, diligently cleaning everything, and the results exceeded our expectations. My wife and me are especially happy that you were able to clean the sofas, which we didn't think was possible.
Thank you very much again.

We didn’t know what to do after flames engulfed nearly half of our house. We were both at work and received phone calls from our neighbors informing us right after they had called the police. We returned home as soon as possible right as the firemen were finishing putting the flames out. One of the firemen actually informed us right away that we should contact the closest SERVPRO company to mitigate the damage and for restoration as well. They were there before we knew it and we couldn’t be more grateful for their services, it truly was “Like it never even happened.”.

I have been extremely happy with SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield’s work and how they are always prompt to follow up with me. Dustin and Brandy have been friendly, professional and courteous. All the technicians that have been to my home have been extremely hard workers.  SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield gets an A+ in my book.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield has a top-notch crew.  Dustin is a very nice young man and Brandy was excellent. I have enjoyed all of the crews that have been onsite and helped me out. We are very happy that mitigation was completed in only 8 days, and whenever I had a question or concern, your crew would get right on it and were there to help and assist us. I appreciate everything you did for me during this loss.

Just want to give a great big shout out the SERVPRO crew. They came in to help us with the water and smoke damage after the fire. Everyone was so helpful, kind, hardworking and compassionate. All those qualities were so appreciated as we navigated through this stressful time. Thank you all so much for a job very well done.

Having never dealt with water damage before, I was more than pleasantly surprised at how quick their response was and how thorough they were with my business. In fact, they even did a couple of things that I wasn't expecting that helped with the cost of the whole restoration (over $30k). Staff were experts in each area and very customer oriented. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has need for their services! A+++

Amazing customer service with exceptional people who cared very deeply about my house and the contents in it. I would recommend this company every day if someone needs a professional restoration company.

The SERVPRO technicians were extremely polite, courteous as well as professionally dressed each and every day they were here at my home.

The incident itself was traumatic as well as an inconvenience but this crew made it very tolerable.

Thank you for the continuous updates and thank you to the entire team at SERVPRO!

In our 23 years of being homeowners we’ve never experienced anything even close to this and while it wasn’t a major catastrophe it was a big deal to us, and we are thankful for the SERVPRO team. We’d never thought a storm could’ve done anything to our house with all the careful planning we originally did with our property, but one finally broke through and SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield was there for us every step of the way!

Top notch service crew and admin! Very happy with the work they did throughout my disaster! Fire damage is no joke and SERVPRO kept a clear channel of communication with us, our insurance company, and even the local fire department! They truly go above and beyond, we hope this never happens again but, in any case, that may happen to either us or anyone we know or even hear about we’ll be letting them know whose hands can best take care of them through such times like these and that’s SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield!

Your Project Manager, Brandy, handled this loss from beginning to end and was courteous, professional, and truly went the extra mile for us. Brandy is an all-around great woman to work with. She not only knows the “ins and outs” of mitigation and restoration but she also knows the business aspects that we fight against when a disaster strikes and helps shift things around as needed to keep us going. We were elated with the work that was completed and Brandy’s performance will surely get SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield as many recommendations as possible. 

SERVPRO did a great job at the school this weekend. I stopped by on Sunday and was very impressed with the hard work that was going on. We are very fortunate to have SERVPRO right here for us locally responding to any of our situations as fast as they do, and the kids got to return to school Monday “Like it never even happened.”.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield has top-notch communication, and the services provided to me after a storm hit my property were excellent as well. I will recommend your company to everyone who needs mitigation services, and I will definitely use you in the future if needed. Dustin was a tremendous help with all of the information he gave me about storm damage.

My wife and I wish to thank you and the team that restored our home after our house fire. We both feel the clean-up and restoration was done with superb care toward our needs and desires. In addition, the crew was most gracious in meeting our expectations combined with a pleasant attitude and attention to detail.

We especially wish to thank Justin Corso along with his crew. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded by these hardworking, trustworthy individuals. Justin and everyone on his crew are a credit to your business.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield is on the top of my "to call" list in case of emergencies. I know that you will always be ready at a moment’s notice and will be able to help me and my business stay on track. Everyone that I have dealt with has been super helpful & friendly over the years. I always recommend you to my friends or anyone in need. The guys onsite were really neat, tidied up after they were done, and were very courteous which means a lot.  

Thanks again,


I thought our wood flooring was lost for sure after a little water damage. I never imagined that anyone could restore the boards that were buckling up so badly. Restoration was a much smarter idea than completely replacing our floors, which would’ve cost a fortune, and now they look perfect!  Much thanks to SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield.

Our basement had flooded after a recent storm and the majority of our belongings had been damaged by water. Through job experience I know that everything is stored at least a few inches off the ground, but I never thought that should apply to my own storage at home until now. The only things that I couldn’t recover were a few extra bags of dog food that I kept down there. Without SERVPRO we would’ve probably thrown out half of our belongings but after a quick search online we called SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield and they came to the rescue the same day, heck the same hour we called! They removed the water and restored our belongings, some into better shape than they actually were before the storm! We couldn’t be happier or more grateful for their response time and service. We’ll be recommending them to anyone we know of that has experienced any kind of disaster.

Thanks again,


The smoke odors from our small kitchen fire filled the whole house right before our Halloween party! We cleaned and cleaned trying to get it taken care of by ourselves, but the smell of smoke just would not go away! Until SERVPRO came.  There is not the slightest hint of smoke odor now! We couldn’t thank you enough for your services, something as simple as a little smoke seemed like it would be as simple as opening the windows and doing a little cleaning, in our case it was a lot of cleaning to get rid of it, but it wasn’t enough. Dustin the project manager kept us informed of all the progress and even educated us as to why we weren’t able to neutralize the smell and even gave us a few tips in case of another event like this happening.

I just want to give a big thanks to Brandy for the courtesy and attention that your workers showed us while we were recovering from the fire in our warehouse.  Our family business may not have survived if it wasn't for the work they did and the considerate way they went about it.  Thank you again, and we will recommend your SERVPRO to anyone we know who is in need of your services.

Heaven sent! One week before our first Thanksgiving at our house our two bedroom unit was flooded in every room due to a burst pipe after the first few frosts and rainstorms and within 1 hour of calling Mary from SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield her team was out to help repair the water damage. They extracted all the water from our wet carpet, as well as rip out damaged carpets, underlay and joinery. The service provided was very professional. Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how well you exceeded our expectations. Our basement was in terrible shape and we would never have dreamed you could get it dried out and cleaned up so quickly. Your team worked fast and made it look easy. Thank you again.

Chris & Rose

When our home flooded, our neighbors told us about your company. We are so thankful for the work you did and the rapid response time. The entire crew did excellent work for us on the drying out and the construction crews were also outstanding.  With people like this in your organization, you have got to be the best in the business!

Next time we leave for a weekend we'll make sure the windows are closed tightly, but if we ever need flood cleanup again, we know who to call. So few people you deal with actually do what they say they can do.  You did just that, and that exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

"This was an incredibly difficult event. From the time SERVPRO arrived (at night and working through the night) we all felt that everything would be okay. SERVPRO not only did their job so well, they provided peace of mind. All SERVPRO staff members were kind and courteous and understood what we were going through. They went above and beyond what I could have anticipated. 

Great customer service! We called after normal business hours and got a return phone call almost immediately. The Project Manager was at hour house within an hour. He was very knowledgeable and understanding. Always available via cell phone. I am very pleased with SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield. I hope I don't need their service again but if I do I will not hesitate to call.

I had a great experience, with this SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield! They are a very professional organization and make it easy to understand what needs to be done and why and help to make it all fit into your schedule and just get the job done. I had a difficult water leak that soaked my entire basement and walls. I highly recommend this SERVPRO to anyone looking for water damage cleanup!

I had a sump pump fail in my basement. Flooded everything! SERVPRO of Glastonbury walked me through the whole process. It was seamless, They cleaned and dried the basement, then helped me through the insurance process. They had all the fans, and mold treatments, and even cleaned my carpets. They were fast friendly and reliable. I'd use them again! Great Job!

I had an awful sewer leak in my house and after the plumbers did their work SERVPRO came and did clean up. It was a pleasure dealing with them from start to finish. Called to schedule initial assessment and they were flexible with scheduling and came as promised (called to say they were running late). Gave me an estimate mid-afternoon and offered a crew to start right away but I thought starting fresh the following morning made more sense - which was yesterday . They arrived on time (crew of 3), got to work and did a great job. Quick, thorough, frequently and clean!!! Dustin, a field Manager visited during project to be sure all was going well. Came in UNDER what initial estimator suggested. I am VERY happy I contracted with SERVPRO and the work they did!

SERVPRO came out to my home in New London and cleaned up the aftermath of a grill fire on my porch. They were quick and did what they said they were going to do . I would recommend them to all my friends. 

"SERVPRO serviced my house in Madison, Connecticut after a fire ripped through the second floor. They were very responsive, professional and courteous. I would refer them to anyone I know for fire damage or water damage."

Thank you! It was a pleasure to re-inspect the home to find that all services were performed and completed in a very professional manner. The homeowner was very pleased.

-- Matthew Clements

Property - Field Claims Representative

Foremost Insurance Exchange

I own a large industrial building on Rt 1 in Clinton. We had a small fire in the kitchen and SERVPRO came  to do the cleanup. They were fast and courteous. Highly recommended!

"It was a terribly large commercial loss in East Windsor, Connecticut. The technicians at SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Weathersfield responded immediately. Their crew was very professional, clean, and quiet. The sewer line break caused us to evacuate the building and SERVPRO's fast response prevented future damage."

"SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Weathersfield was able to come out and service my Business in Avon, Connecticut when an ice dam wrecked havoc. The team from SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Weathersfield was prompt and professional. They explained in detail the steps and were very helpful."

"SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Weathersfield was excellent. We had a large commercial water loss in Manchester, Connecticut when a pipe burst and water spilled everywhere. SERVPRO of Manchester / Mansfield is an excellent emergency service company."

The crew that came to our house to mitigate the damage to our kitchen floor caused by a water leak were professional and very polite and careful and we appreciated such attributes. Dustin Jones, the Project Manager, was always available by his cell phone and we didn't have to wait for him to call back. The water damage and disruption was upsetting but SERVPRO made it bearable.

Justin and Jose were very courteous and kind and did a fantastic job. I'm thankful to have had these two courteous, competent and good workers come to my home.

I had an awful sewer leak in my house and after the plumbers did their work SERVPRO came and did clean up. It was a pleasure dealing with them from start to finish. Called to schedule initial assessment and they were flexible with scheduling and came as promised (called to say they were running late). Gave me an estimate mid-afternoon and offered a crew to start right away but I thought starting fresh the following morning made more sense - which was yesterday . They arrived on time (crew of 3), got to work and did a great job. Quick, thorough, frequently and clean!!! Dustin, a field Manager visited during project to be sure all was going well. Came in UNDER what initial estimator suggested. I am VERY happy I contracted with SERVPRO and the work they did!

The whole team is quick to respond and know what they're doing. And they work with the insurance company to get the job done right. They are friendly, and thorough. Highly recommended!

Steve is the best! Very responsive and goes the extra mile.

Great company! The office staff is super friendly and the crews are polite, knowledgeable and efficient. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of their service.

I had a sump pump fail in my basement. Flooded everything! SERVPRO walked me through the whole process. It was seemless, They cleaned and dried the basement, then helped me through the insurance process. Great Job!

Your worker, Santos, has been amazing. I like to give praise when people do a good job and he has been so much more than we expected...We enjoy working with him.

We had to replace our carpet due to water damage when our hot water heater broke. The SERVPRO crew was very helpful, very professional, and very informative. We were so impressed with Justin. He exceeded all our expectations.

My finished basement received some water damage from a failed water heater. It was wonderful working with Brianna. She was attentive to my many calls and questions and sympathetic to my situation. She made sure my multiple calls each day were relayed to the appropriate staff member and that I got a call back in a timely manner--usually within the same day.

Just want to thank you so very much for your prompt help for my Momma in her crisis.

She is alone and her health is failing. It's so hard to watch. She is very stubborn and wants to stay in her home. So...When this mess was found she was so upset and did not know where to turn.

Her asthma has seemed better since the cleanup. I can't thank you enough. She is on a very strict income. Your help was so kind.

I am so grateful to have such a kind, caring, and professional person as you to help on our house cleaning project. Your leadership and attention to detail made a big difference.

"It was a great pleasure to have SERVPRO restore my home in Hartford, Connecticut. I couldn't have been more surprised on how well they remediated the mold in my attic."

"SERVPRO serviced my house in Newington, Connecticut. They were very responsive, professional and courteous. I will refer them to anyone I know for fire damage or water damage."

...a big thank you. We are so pleased with the outcome. The house sparkles. Everyone was so professional and friendly. It made us feel relieved that the SERVPRO of Bloomfield/Enfield crew took such pride and care.

I want to express my appreciation for your attentiveness to our cleanup job. You got the project up and running quickly which critical to my health. Stopping by on a daily basis was also very helpful.

"Thank you for the many ways you helped us get our home back in order. You are a great manager of people with a good heart and solid professional skills. Have a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Love, Light & Laughter.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts."