Recent Before & After Photos

Trinity Community Church

A local community church located in Hartford CT had experienced a great deal of water damage within the bottom level of the building where all of their storage,... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire

A fire was started in a bedroom after a family pet caused water to be spilled on an active electrical outlet. The fire did not spread any further than the bedro... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Bathroom

After an unknown electrical fire in an old down stairs half bathroom that was caused by a short circuit in the ceiling vent that somebody left on, a fire broke ... READ MORE

Storm crashes through living room

After a brutal storm that passed through Avon Connecticut, this local home was hit hard when branches smashed through the living room windows. The homeowners we... READ MORE

Disaster on the top floor

On the top floor of a multi-family apartment building located in West Hartford, a simple but yet strong winded storm had passed through the area. Out of all the... READ MORE

East Hampton Home Recovered

A vicious fire that took over a house in East Hampton left the family without a home for quite some time. The homeowners and their children had to stay in a hot... READ MORE

Hotel Pipe-Break

After a Nor’easter hit CT, a hotel located in West Hartford had experienced a massive pipe break in their sprinkler system. The amount of water that gushe... READ MORE

Look out below!

One of the last things people usually decide to replace is the floors, and floors are a very common place for mold to grow know it or not. Things are getting sp... READ MORE

Cheap property, I wonder why?

After purchasing a property this customer’s first concern was tackling the mold buildup in the walls after seeing the severity of it after the property ha... READ MORE

Fading away?

This couple thought that their paint was just slowly fading away from living in an old house. But when one of their friends came over and noticed the affected a... READ MORE