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Storm Damage Testimonials

A huge storm rolled through my part of Connecticut, revealing a leak in my roof and causing water damage. SERVPRO came out to my house very quickly  to do an assessment on the damage. I was impressed by how they handled the situation and delivered quality results.

When we were away in Bermuda on vacation, our ceiling had a bad leak that we weren’t yet aware of, and when a big storm hit, water came through and flooded the top floor. Our daughter discovered the mess when she came by to check on the place, and immediately called SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield to take care of the water and restore the home. They came by that day and began the drying and cleaning procedures. They had everything under control and we didn’t even have to fly back early from our vacation. When we got back, the place looked better than how we left it!

When our sprinkler malfunctioned a big rainstorm happened in tandem, tons of water flooded our basement. There was nowhere in the backyard for it to drain out to. Thankfully, our eldest child called SERVPRO to come take care of the damage. Everyone in the crew was great to work with. They moved fast but kept things thorough and professional.

Our home of 23 year had a disaster, but we were lucky to have SERVPRO to take care of the storm damage. We thought we’d prepped our property enough to withstand anything, but his recent storm really wreaked havoc. The team kept us up to date on everything throughout the process, and the results were amazing. Thank you SERVPRO for being by our side and helping us through it all!

SERVRPRO came to help fix my home after it was damaged by a storm and did an excellent job! Communicating with the team was a breeze, and the project manager was very knowledgeable. Going forward we will be calling SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield whenever I have an issue with my home, and will be sure to recommend them to others.

After the recent storm, our basement had serious flooding and most of our things ended up getting damaged. Despite seeing raised storage in basements a lot because of my job, I never really thought about why I would need that at my house. I would’ve thrown out most of my belongings thinking they were damaged, but I had SERVPRO come help, and they saved every single thing except for a few bags of dog food. SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield arrived in a timely manner, got rid of all the water, and restored everything. By the end, the place looked better than it had in years! We are so happy with how everything turned out. We will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else in need.

Heaven sent! One week before our first Thanksgiving at our house our two bedroom unit was flooded in every room due to a burst pipe after the first few frosts and rainstorms and within 1 hour of calling Mary from SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield her team was out to help repair the water damage. They extracted all the water from our wet carpet, as well as rip out damaged carpets, underlay and joinery. The service provided was very professional. Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how well you exceeded our expectations. Our basement was in terrible shape and we would never have dreamed you could get it dried out and cleaned up so quickly. Your team worked fast and made it look easy. Thank you again.

Chris & Rose

When our home flooded, our neighbors told us about your company. We are so thankful for the work you did and the rapid response time. The entire crew did excellent work for us on the drying out and the construction crews were also outstanding.  With people like this in your organization, you have got to be the best in the business!

Next time we leave for a weekend we'll make sure the windows are closed tightly, but if we ever need flood cleanup again, we know who to call. So few people you deal with actually do what they say they can do.  You did just that, and that exceeded my expectations. Thank you.