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Commercial Water Damage Is Usually Preventable. Here's How.

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Commercial Water Damage Is Usually Preventable. Here's How. You can prevent most water damage at your business or commercial building

Ask the experts. They’ll tell you that most commercial property and business water damage does not have to happen. Smart commercial property owners know how to prevent most water damage and they know that preventing the damage saves them time and money.  Here are some of the ways you can keep water damage at your business or commercial property to a minimum.

1. Talk to your team about water damage awareness

Train your employees and/or tenants to report any signs of water damage, no matter how small the leak. Solving small issues now often prevents larger, more costly issues from happening later.

2. Frequently check potential problem areas like windows, roofs, and exterior walls

Check your commercial building windows for tightness, weather-stripping, broken or cracked panes, weak flashing, and other signs of wear.

Closely examine your building’s roof. Are sealants intact around HVAC systems? Is the flashing around skylights, stack vents, and other rooftop elements in good condition? Is there no water pooling on the roof? Are drains and downspouts in good condition? From inside, do you see water stain marks? Can you see daylight when inside where you should not see it?

Check exterior walls to make sure all openings (plumbing, heating, lighting, fire alarms, vents, etc.) are sealed against water. See if the walls themselves need re-pointing or sealing. Check under sinks, angle stops, supply lines, shut off valves, water filtration systems, and in mechanical rooms.  Schedule regular clean outs of main lines and air conditioning units in your building.

For Commercial Property Water Damage Restoration Call (860) 633-8791.

3. Monitor contractors

Monitor the work of outside contractors and vendors when that work may affect your commercial building’s piping systems (sprinklers, water, etc.)

4. Inspect storage tanks

Frequently check the condition of any liquid storage tanks or vessels (hot water tanks, boilers, fuel oil tanks, etc.) inside your commercial building, mechanical penthouse, and on the roof.

5. Keep pipe diagrams and prints current

Be sure pipe diagrams or prints are up to date. Make certain they show the location of valves for all
liquid-carrying systems. Tell your building maintenance staff where the diagrams are kept. Keep the diagrams well labeled and easy to reach.

For Commercial Property Water Damage Restoration Call (860) 633-8791.

6. Always keep safety first

Take quick action whenever a leak or water damage issue is discovered. This includes turning the power off, shutting off the water supply at the source of the leak, and protecting contents that could be damaged.

7. Have a designation responder on site

Have someone available on all shifts who is trained to respond immediately to any leak or water damage. This person should have authorization (24/7) to call and bring in a local high quality professional clean up and restoration company like SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield.

8. Be particularly proactive if your commercial building is prone to water damage

In general, if your commercial property fits one or more of these descriptions your building may be at higher risk for water damage:

•    20+ years old
•    High-rise with multiple tenants or units
•    Use of newer construction materials
•    Exposure to seasonal extremes or geographic-based events
•    Deferred maintenance of structure and systems

9. Inspect thoroughly after a major storm

Perform a full building inspection after every major storm to look for damage. If you find any problems, schedule repairs promptly.

10. Conduct routine maintenance on schedule

If you don’t have one already, create a systematic maintenance schedule. You should have a written plan for maintenance updates of your commercial property, the building’s equipment, and its systems. Proper maintenance prevents excessive wear and tear and helps avoid catastrophes.


Call SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield to discuss. Call 860.633.8791. We’re the water removal service professionals who have saved property and saved money for the owners of flooded basements and water damaged properties. We serve homeowners and business owners in Glastonbury, Marlborough, Portland, Rocky Hill, and Wethersfield.

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